5 Forex careers for people working in finance

There is huge scope and different arenas where people could make it big in the Forex markets. It is only a matter of identifying your knacks and working towards achieving the goal you set. Here’s the probably careers you could go for:

Forex Market Analyst/ Currency Researcher and Strategist

People who work for forex brokerage are called currency researchers, strategists and more commonly, forex market analysts. As the name suggests, they are responsible for researching and analysing the issues which could have consequences on currency values.

Forex Account manager/ Professional or Institutional trader

There are people who have experience of trading forex as freelancers and these could very well be the people who could go on to make it big on the professional front. There is a need for people to manage the accounts dealing in forex trading and be decisive about related buying and selling. The managers of such accounts are doing work of high priority and help to keep a lot of money in check.

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Forex Industry Regulator

People looking to get into the regulating arena have to sport multiple hats in order to prevent fraudulent schemes and events. There is needed a presence of various officials and they have to be distributed in multiple countries. The CFTC and NFA are the two bodies which takes care of the screening and selection of dealer members. It is the task of the CFTC to hire auditors, attorneys, economists and investigators who in turn manage all regulations and functioning. They look deep into all processes to avoid any cases of fraudulent entry.

Forex Exchange operations, Trade Audit Associate and Exchange operations manager

There is always a requirement for people who service accounts and they are simply termed as customer service positions at a much higher level. A person looking to get into exchange operations must be able to process new customer accounts and verify their identities. For a trade audit associate, they should be equipped to work with customers and resolve any dispute related to trade quickly by thinking fast. Managing exchange operations involves execution, funding and reconciling the transactions. One must be aware of working of the software which are in the forex field.

Forex Software developer

There are many software developers who work for brokers and create trading platforms so that users can access currency pricing data and use indicators and markers so that they can analyse a trade which might happen or trade over the internet. A bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering or something of equal importance or knowledge along with knowledge of operating systems such as Linux, Solaris combined with programming languages such as Python, SQL, Ruby, etc. should suffice any company who are looking to hire such developers. It is not a major issue if you do not have prior knowledge about trading and brokerage. But then again, people always appreciate if the developer knows the basics.